A truly local experience

Join the most comprehensive tours around Maramures, the last bastion of those upholding the ancient European traditions and the last place with authentic native organic farming, accompanied by a true local, Teofil Ivanciuc, guide and author recommended by Lonely Planet, Rick Steves Europe, Rough Guide and Le Guide du Routard, with a portofolio including National Geographic Magazine and Travel Channel.

See: UNESCO wooden churches, gates and traditional houses, animal farms, carvers, weavers and other artisans, whirlpools, flour, fulling and carding mills, the best region’s museums, great points of view, waterfalls and volcanic plateaus. I have a long list of info and hidden places that books and websites never mention.

We also offer tours in Bucovina and/or Transylvania.

For a truly local experience, book Maramures Tours!

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