Tours in Ukraine


Unfortunately, all tours to Ukraine are cancelled due to Russia’s invasion

1. “2-4 days to Lviv, the Ukraine’s hidden gem“: trip by night sleeper train (12 hours one way, starting/ending from/to Solotvyno, a Ukrainian frontier town, situated just 1 km away from Sighetu Marmatiei), to Lviv, a truly  medieval gem city, an UNESCO heritage, the former capital of the Kingdom of Galicia and once, one of most important Polish cities. Visit the city landmarks, discover its splendid cafes and restaurants, taste the local beer and chocolate, see the nearby impressive castles…

2. “Spend 2 hours in Ukraine“: cross by foot, the outside border of European Union and NATO into Ukraine, where, just 1 km away from Sighetu Marmatiei, in the little town Solotvyno, you can still feel the atmosphere of a former salt mining Soviet town. There you can also drink an Ukrainian beer, or eat a Borscht or Pierogi, dishes originated in Polish Galicia.

3. “See the geographical midpoint of Europe”: placed at 35 km from Romania’s border of Sighetu Marmatiei/Solotvyno, the place was claimed so by Austrian-Hungarian scientists in the 19th century, then by Soviet and later by Ukrainian geographers, each time a marker being set in place. Also, near the controversial point (there are no less than 9 similar claims in Europe!), there is an interesting restaurant serving local food.

For all tours above, please ask for detailed price and itinerary.