“Teofil Ivanciuc is a local writer who works as a fixer with outfits such as National Geographic, and can take you to the mountains to explore remote villages by car or horse cart. Homestays can also be arranged in his traditional wooden house”. (Lonely Planet Romania & Bulgaria)

“We had contacted an English-speaking personal guide (Teofil) several months earlier and he had been helpful in our early planning. I cannot speak highly enough of the experience he gave us, and the care he took of us as he showed us his region, and his own life, and introduced us to local people.” (Christine, New Zeeland)

“In Maramureș, at the rustic and remote fringe of Romania, a guide is particularly helpful for navigating the extremely traditional culture — which comes with a big language barrier and plenty of cultural treasures that demand insightful explanation. Teo Ivanciuc was our man in Maramureș. Teo was supremely knowledgeable, tireless in helping us sniff out meaningful experiences, and a passionate ambassador for his home region” (Rick Steves travel blog)

"Teo est un des plus fervents défenseurs des traditions 
du Maramures. Autant dire un véritable puits de science 
sur la région, ses habitants et le savoir-faire local.
Il propose des visites guidées en français, peut vous 
accompagner en randonnée et vous faire faire le tour des 
artisans du coin". (see Guide du Routard. Roumanie, Bulgarie, 2016/2017).

“Teo is your man. Born and bred for many a generation. Journalist that is now a tour guide, this man oozes his love and passion of the region from every pore in his body. Well versed on all aspects of life in the region as well as Romanian life in general.” (Gerty, Australia)

“The best guide I have ever experienced, Teofil Ivanciuc is a former journalist and author of books about Maramures. He lives in a local village in a traditional wooden house. He is extremely knowledgeable about local traditions , people and places because he was born in Maramures , I met people and saw things I would not have seen without his guidance, I had a wonderful time. Teofil speaks perfect English and French too, The cost per day included touring in his car and was excellent value and I went where I wanted but was also happy to go with suggestions he made. We visited a local village festival which I would have known nothing about otherwise. I was introduced to local characters, traditional food and very strong locally brewed palinka as well as the stills that produced it. He was recommended to me by the Romanian Tourist Board and I agree with Sandy, if you want to see the real Maramures get a good guide.” (Val, United Kingdom)

“Teofil’s knowledge, interest, and contacts made this a never to be forgotten experience. I felt like I was living in a documentary in the best possible way. Best tour of my life, actually.” (Amy, USA)

“Mais comment Teo aurait-il pu abandonner ses monts et vallées qu’il parcourt à pied depuis ses 15 ans ? Depuis son adolescence, il a parcouru à pied 7000 à 8000 kilomètres, à travers les vallées de son pays natal, seul, carnet de notes et appareil photo en bandoulière. Guide, journaliste, photographe, écrivain, archéologue à ses heures, Teofil Ivanciuc est sans-doute celui qui connaît le mieux le Maramures; à quarante ans il est devenu la mémoire vivante de la région.” („Les nouvelles de Roumanie”)

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