Walking tour of Maramures

The 3-7 days of walking across Maramures, can be done exclusively up in the mountains, at 1-2000 m altitude, or, if prefer, you can choose to walk between villages, on small paths and roads, reaching also the ridges which separate Iza, Cosau, Mara and Viseu valleys, at 500-1000 m altitude, through a mixture of arable land, orchards, hayfields, pastures, isolated trees and agro-terraces, laboriously constructed centuries ago, bounded by hedges, wooden fences or streams crossed by footbridges.

Also, you can mix both styles, reaching also, one by one, some of best region’s sights, such: the Merry Cemetery, Barsana Monastery, the UNESCO wooden churches, Vaser Valley steam train, traditional villages, farmers, crafts workshops, alcohol distilleries or water mills…

You are invited to choose the tour length, level of difficulty and the landmarks must-see list, and we will propose the best itinerary.

You can walk from 1 up to 9 hours by  day, on a elevation from 0 to 2700 m.

Here is a 5 days tour sample, starting every day from Sighetu Marmatiei but, if wish, you can choose to start from Breb, Barsana or any other settlement from the Land of Maramures.

Day 1. Drive by car from Sighetu Marmatiei to Gutai Pass (1 hour away), then hike 2-2,5 hours to the Rooster’s Crest natural reserve, an impressive rock and great point of view. Picnic lunch there and then return to Pass by Chendroaiei Pond, a marsh where grows an insectivore plant. Hiking time: 5-6 hours. Elevation: 800 m. Total time: 7-8 hours.

Day 2. Drive from Sighetu Marmatiei to Breb village (30 min.). Walk around the village, meeting many local farmers and special craftspeople at their homes. Lunch at a local restaurant. Visit the medieval wooden church, then climb 100 m to a point of view. Walking time: 5-6 hours, elevation: 200 m. Total time: 7-8 hours.

Day 3. Drive from Sighetu Marmatiei to Borsa Complex (1,5 hours), where from we climb by cable chair lift to 1400 m altitude, to a point of view, then go down to Horses Waterfall, 100 m tall, one of most high and beautiful of Romania, then back by foot to the car. Picnic or restaurant (great panorama) lunch. Return to Sighet with stops at a devilish mask maker and a group of mills. Time spent just for the waterfall hike: about 4 hours, total time, about 8-9 hours.

(Option 3A, for advanced hikers, with extra fee: drive to Borsa- 1,5 hours. Leave the car at Pietroasa monastery (950 m altitude) and climb the steepy footpath to Iezer lake, then to Pietrosu Rodnei Peak (2303 m altitude, the highest summit between Tatra mountains from Slovakia/Poland and Bucegi mountains, in Southern Carpathians). Wonderful point of view. Picnic lunch. Follow the same way to go down to car, then back to Sighet. Elevation: 2700 m. Hiking time: 8-9 hours. Total time: 11-12 hours).

Day 4. Drive from Sighetu Marmatiei to a village found 1 hour away, on Iza Valley. Then, follow a beautiful crest, for 1,5-2 hours, up to a summit. All the way really great views all around and very rich flora. Picnic lunch. Return to car. Hiking time: 4 hours, elevation: 400 m. Back to Sighet, with stops at Barsana Monastery, a traditional weaver and a wooden carving workshop. Total time: 7-8 hours.

Day 5. Drive from Sighetu Marmatiei to Poienile de sub Munte village (1,5 hours). Climb the mountain on a dirt road  then on footpath, to one of most isolated and high hamlets of Romania, where people live without electricity, road acces, shops or other facilities. A really unique and special place. Picnic lunch. Go back to car. Then, on the road to Sighet, stop at an interesting monastery, where we will have a chat with the monks. Hiking time: 4-5 hours, elevation: 1000 m. Total time: about 9 hours.

Also, you can make Sighetu Marmatiei town by foot, hike on the Volcanic Plateau, at the rocks from Sighet area, Sapanta waterfalls, the former railway on Mara valley, the region’s oak tree forests, to the hidden caves or lakes, an ancient volcano, a sheepfold, on Tibles mountains virgin forests, Farcau, Toroiaga, Pop Ivan or Gargalau peaks, a thematic trail on Vaser Valley, a former WWI road up at 1700 m high, Iza spring area, Rodna mountains main crest, hikes around Poienile Izei, Glod, Botiza, Ieud, Salistea de Sus or Sacel villages, and the list is not exhaustive…

Don’t forget, you (with or without our help) can tailor your itinerary, pick up the places to see, choose your walking parteners and also the places where to stay and eat.

Approximate fee for the 5 days Walking Tour of Maramures: 370 euro/person (for a group of 2 people. For larger groups or single travelers, the fee is different). The price includes the guiding fee and the mentioned transportation, but excludes the meals, drinks and entrance fees.

Approximate fee for the 5 days Walking Tour of Maramures, including accommodation (based on 2 persons sharing a double room), breakfast and dinner, guiding fee and the mentioned transportation: 560 euro/person (for a group of 2 people).

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